We specialize in four varieties of sod that are suited for Georgia's Climate
Bermuda (Tifway 419)
Tiftway 419 is a standard hybrid Bermuda used throughout the Southeast. Bermuda is extremely durable towards drought and is quick to recover from injury.

Sod Varieties

Emerald Zoysia
A dense grass that does well in area with more shade. Zoysia usually have less weed problems than other turf types due to the dense growth of the leaf.
A popular grass for south Georgia and Florida. It has a broader leaf and a light green color. Does well in poor land with sandier soils. Requires less frequent mowing and fertilizing than other turf types.
Meyer Zoysia
The leaf blade on Meyer Zoysia is broader than on Emerald Zoysia. It has many of the same characteristics of Emerald Zoysia